Captain Creative Paint

Painting Ideas

Captain Creative Idea #1 - We are the only paint company that has light blue and pink so no more mixing we've done it for you!

Captain Creative Idea #2 - Our colors are bright and vibrant but if you want to make pastel colors just add some white to lighten them up.

Captain Creative Idea #3 - Besides 13 colors we also have 6 Neon Colors, 6 Multicultural Skin tone Colors, and 6 Sparkle Paint Colors!

Captain Creative Idea #4 - Buy our book "Making Masterpieces" for tons of great painting ideas including balloon painting, string painting, and painting with a golf ball!

Captain Creative Idea #5 - My favorite thing to do is to sprinkle a little Hygloss Products Glitter onto my project that I just got done painting while it is still wet and the glitter dries into the paint!