Captain Creative Paint

Washing and Storage Instructions

Washing Instructions:

Captain Creative Washable Paint products are meant to come off of most surfaces including your skin, most clothing, and most other surfaces.  We don't recommend you bleach it will have the opposite affect that is desired.  It is best to use soap and water.  If the paint has been sitting on a plastic surface for an extended period of time it may leave a faint residue of color it is always best to clean-up as soon as possible.  If the paint gets on your clothes for BEST Results use dishwashing soap, a bar of soap, soft soap, or detergent soap to work the stain out of the aricle of clother BEFORE you put it into the washing Machine.  Our paint has more pigment then other brands, which makes the colors more true and brigher and that's why it is important that you use our washing instructions for best results.  Contrary to popular belief it is the Washing Machine that sets the stain not the dryer.  Spraying Pre-treating solutions on a stain and putting it into the washing machine may work but it is not recommended to effectively get the stain out of most clothing.  

Storage Guidelines:

Dry all paint cups or containers thoroughly that you'll be putting the paint into prior to putting the paint into.  Never put the paint back into the gallon or pint jar, the ingredients will mix and could spoil the paint.  Paint pumps are convenient to use but they expose the paint to the air and that can speed up the process of breaking down the life and quality of the paint.  It is always best to pour less than what you think you need because if you pour out more than what you need it is best that what is left to throw out so as not to taint the paint left in your gallon/pint container.  It is best to store the paint in a cool dry space.  If the paint is exposed to extreme heat for an extended period of time it will speed up the process of breaking down the quality of the paint.

If you have any questions, comments, or complaints we invite you to send them to us directly so we can help you enjoy our Wonderful Products better.